Interpix Case Study Fallback Short Film: Digital Block Buster Release

When indie producer David Angel Rivera and his team approached Interpix on how they could get their film a boost and cut around the “red tape”, Interpix decided to support the launch of the film in a whole new way.


In the first quarter 2013,  Fallback the film will be launched to an online, social media, and mobile audience reaching millions, many more people than even watch a hot TV episode of Family Guy on any given night.

Interpix will engage both a clever social media strategy, and “demand it campaign” launched inside of social media as well as directly online and on mobile phones and other digital devices so the entire full length film can be launched later on in the theaters.

The producers goal: Earn Revenues from advertisers , get the return on their investment and share revenues with Interpix and get to the theaters with a higher budgeted full feature after earning millions of fans who “demand it”. Had the producers opted to go on or Netflix or an indie site, their film would have been crowded with thousands of other titles, instead Interpix will deploy a direct to consumer campaign with the latest technology platform that integrates social media, SEO strategies, customer incentives to “Demand it” and other clever marketing strategies.

Watch the Short Film Here:

Movie coming February 2013

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